Back from hiatus, back to the basics

It’s been almost a month and a half since my last post. If you’ve never experienced excruciating chronic nerve pain, then I hope you never have to. I wonder, is it worse to have a broken mind and a healthy body, or a healthy mind and a broken body?

Since I’m decidedly rusty, I’m going to go back to the start and basically relearn everything I did before. Lots of the upcoming posts will likely cover the same material, but I’m glad to be doing this because it 1. will help me escape the dead end job I’m currently working, and 2. it will be nice to be making positive progress in my life again that’s something other than working to have less pain.

<p> is an example of a tag. It’s a keyword (aka a tag name) between two brackets that tells the browser what it’s dealing with, like a picture, a link, a paragraph or a list. It’s good practice to always write tags in lower case.

<p>I’m going to order delivery cookies later</p> is an example of an element. It is typically made up of an opening (start) and closing (end) tag with the content in between.

HTML = Hyper Text Mark up Language

You open and close your html code with the <!DOCTYPE html> tag, which specifies this code is HTML5. Older versions and XML have wayyy longer tags to declare them and I’m going to ignore those for now.

There are empty elements as well, such as <br> for page breaks. You don’t need to have a closing tag, just the single one is enough.

Sometimes html tags can have attributes, which provide additional information about an element. They’re always specified in the start tag, and come in name=value pairs. For example, the link tag <a> has the href attribute, which tells you what site or page or whatever it’s linking to. The values should always be in quotes. Like tags, the attributes should always be lowercase.

<a href=””>This is a link to google</a>

So just rideeeeeeee

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