Venturing into API, and off the path we go

So I’m going to take a temporary (maybe one week) break from html and css to dive into some API learning. I found a nice starter course on it here. I know the concept of what an API does (I tell customers that it lets two applications talk to each other), but beyond that I know just close to nothin’.

The first thing they described to me in the video was that API is resource based, or noun based, instead of action based, or verb based. Not entirely sure what means just yet, but I’m hoping as I bash my brain into this over the next few days that becomes more clear.

I went a bit further into the video, but my brain is fairly fried at the moment and I’m having trouble taking my notes and making them coherent concepts, both for myself and for you, random internet friend.

No worries though, tomorrow is another try.

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