Eating some box models

Nothing like a Sunday and burny hands to kill the motivation to learn. Thanks to coffee I was able to finish up learning about table styling and move into the box model.

When I was in college binging on knowledge, red bull and adderall to get through my finals, I found pneumonic devices very helpful for remembering the order of things. In CSS we have the box model, displayed below courtesy of


So, it goes Margin Border Padding Content. My device for this one is My Big Pussy Comes (the dirtier it is, the easier it is to remember).

I then spent some time working on borders. I already knew a bit from the table styling, but some interesting things I found included:

  • You need to set the border-style property or none of the other ones , like border-color or border-width will work
  • Apparently I already knew the shorthand way to write this courtesy of an earlier exercise. It goes border: width style color.

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